Friday, November 26, 2010

Angels appear to the Chinese

By: Rob Peralta

The following story comes from Paul Wong, a Chinese man who is a minister, and is devoutly involved in spreading God's truth in China and elsewhere. Although dated, this story nevertheless is awesome and shows how God goes out of His way to show the people His truth.

I (Paul) was brought to the True Jesus Church in Fuqing that had a tremedous revival in the mid-eighties. At that time the Fujian Theological Seminary organized a debate on the seventh day Sabbath issue. The Sunday keepers had three speakers and the Sabbath keepers also had three speakers. There were two speakers from the True Jesus Church and one from the Seventh Day Adventist Church(all in support of the seventh day Sabbath). The debate started on a Monday and ended on a Friday. It was fiercely contested and both sides claimed victory. But God had a very clear and decisive way of showing which side really won.

On the first Sabbath after the debate, one of the debate speakers from the TJC was preaching that day. As he was preaching about the Sabbath, a church sister that was sitting in the front pew saw an angel standing beside him. She made the remark that she saw an angel, after that several other people also saw the angel.

All of them gave a similar description of the angel. He was fair skinned, broad shouldered, had golden hair and was handsome looking. he was wearing a shiny, white garment. The next Sabbath more angels appeared and the news traveled fast. More church members attended the Sabbath service and the hall was packed to capacity. The angels appeared during the Sabbath services many more times after that.

Over a period of eight months there were 23 appearances of the angels during the Sabbath services. During that period the TJC in Fuqing enjoyed the GREATEST REVIVAL that they had ever know.

Many Sunday keepers also came and attended the Sabbath services hoping to see the angels, and they were not disappointed. The Sunday churches were so scared of losing their members to the TJC that they issued a public statement emphasizing the appearance of the angels was not because of the Sabbath, but because of the church building that originally belonged to them. Not many people were convinced of their rationale.

Paul goes on to say that the membership of the TJC increased tremendously! And he gave God all the praise. I can see this "great revival" happening very soon here in the US, and such signs and wonders will be freely seen and witnessed. Prepare yourselves people, God will open these acts shortly. Amen.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Signs and Wonders

By: Rob Peralta

Jesus knew His signs, wonders and miracles would have an important impact on many. He said in (John 14:11) " least believe in me for the works I do" And when we see them we are awed and amazed at "the works" He does. Paul, also knew that God's power was strong evidence of these workings of God within the life of the believer. He said "... I will know, not by their speech (words) of them puffed up, but BY THEIR POWER. For the kingdom of God is not in the word, but in the power" ( 1 Cor 4:19-20)

Each one of us has the ability to call upon God's power. I have had this same dream off and on since I was a boy. In it I am able to fly in the air, amazed and excited, all I could do was think of how I was going to tell the world. God has revealed to me that this was a dream to let me know what is possible IF WE BELIEVE. Amazing things can happen. It is only when our belief is in full measure that we can "do" such miraculous signs such as this little Chinese lady's story will show. Jesus said " If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes" (Mark 9:23).

Many have been brought to the Lord by His signs and wonders, look at Nebuchadnezzar as an extreme example. In the chapter where he himself writes (Daniel chapter 4) in the very beginning he says "I thought it good to show (tell of) the signs and wonders that the high God has brought toward me. How great are His signs and how mighty are His wonders....!" ( Dan 4:2-3)

So the following story is written to inspire you and give you confidence that the Lord is "out there" working (increasingly more and more). You will notice that Commandment keepers are promised these signs and wonders. As His word says " He that has my Commandments and KEEPS them, he it is that loves me and shall be loved by the father, and I will love him, and REVEAL Myself to him" (John 14:21). Signs and wonders done on our behalf is certainly a "revealing" of Himself.

Due to the length of space, it is necessary to include one miracle story this post, but will include the other next post. This story comes from our elder Mr. Burgess, who has made trips to China, and told us this story last Sabbath.

Her name is Mrs. Chin, a small diminutive older lady, living in China. She is a born again Christian. But not your typical passive one. She has a "fire" for the Lord. And judging by the power she showed, a right spirit before the Lord.

Often she would ride the country train to and from the closet city. She is poor and must survive as best she can. She decided one day to make little "Jesus" tracts and hand them out to the people as she rode the train. Well, she kept this up for a few trips until finally someone complained about it to the authorities. Amazing how satan and his workers try to shut down God's workers, isn't it?

Then she boards the train sometime later and discovers that the authorities have posted signs on the train saying " No handing out religious material on this train". But being truly in the spirit(listens to God rather than man) she ignores this sign and keeps up her faithful witnessing. Sure enough one of the guards notices it and calls the station ahead and tells them about Mrs. Chin. When she arrives and comes off the train she is arrested and put in a police vehicle. She "gladly" welcomes them and is very polite as they load her in. All the way there she keeps telling the officers about "Jesus". They put it in high gear just to get rid of her and take her to the station.

Once there they take her to the head officer. He immediately starts lecturing her about keeping the law, etc. Mrs. Chin waited until he was done then talked about Jesus and continued to talk about Jesus. So much so that finally the officer yelled "JESUS JESUS JESUS! What has He ever done for me???" The little lady quitely walked over and looked him in the eye and said "Well, Mr. Officer have you ever asked Jesus to do something for you?" "NO" he replied. The spirit was with Mrs Chin, and she was guided to ask this question " What would you have Jesus do for you if you could ask Him something right now?" The officer pondered for a moment and said "My nose. Ever since I was a kid I have had this crooked nose" Then the power came into Mrs. Chin and she said "Here" and she touched his nose and said "Jesus can fix that". And IT WAS FIXED!!! His nose became straight!

The power of God did work because this small little old lady BELIEVED and never doubted! Infact doubt never even entered her mind as she reached out her hand upon his nose. You see, the poor and humble of heart can obtain more power than the Kings and rulers because they believe. We too, must learn to believe. For God's power is not prejudice and can and will work for all that believe! Amen.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Let us work WITHIN the church

By: Rob Peralta

It really is unbelievable that some former SDA members have labeled the SDA Church as part of "babylon". I can think of no other church which has for such a long time, expounded such great truths such as the Sabbath, Sanctuary,State of the dead, Commandment obedience, etc. Some are saying this church has numerous errors and therefore should be abandoned. I submit they are VERY wrong.

The very first thing we must realize is that "Church" is WHAT WE MAKE IT! Can we imagine Jesus going into church back then, and after noticing the many errors, saying "There's too many hypocrites in here, things are not being done just right, I'm outta here!" NO! Jesus continued to go into God's house of prayer and worship, despite the Pharisees and unrighteous around Him. He was a "Light" and "example" before them. So too should we be. Let us work within our churches, and not stand back and throw rocks and accuse. If we go to our Church with "pure heart" God counts this to our credit, not withstanding the sin that may surround us. For each man(or woman) will give account for "HIS" actions and motives.

The true "babylon" churches are vast indeed and SO numerous. Just look around at the doctrines being preached! "Faith" is all you need , forget about obedience! Jesus did it all, therefore you can just sit back and enjoy yourselves, be free! Your words are what counts not necessarily your actions. I could go on and on. That is where we must concentrate our reproves and loving guidance. In Revelation, God had THESE churches in mind concerning "babylon".

Look at what our new GC president is behind. They have started a mission to mail out the paperback version of the "Great Controversy" through out the country! Things are being "done", praise God. Their goal is for it to go out to 116 million homes! Like it or not, we as SDA members have a solemn duty before God to get OFF our behinds and procrastinations. To proclaim the Three Angels message before the end of probation shortly occurs.

I do not deny that we have errors within our church. For instance in my own church, I have seen MANY errors and weakness of Christ from our members. But I decided to DO something about it. I attended the recent board meeting and let the leaders know what I thought we could do to improve our church. Specifically to WIN MORE SOULS. The luke warmness within our church MUST change. Far too many are happy to "sit" on their own salvation. Our church is NOT about how we can improve or increase our comforts or "fun" activities, it's about SOUL WINNING! Jesus final command was to "GO into all the world, and proclaim the gospel to all creation" (Mark 16:15)

But thank God He has raised up some strong leaders for His truth. For example, let me mention the following outstanding workers for God WITHIN our church today.
1) Doug Batchelor of Amazing facts organization. This man is truly a powerful witness for God's truth, and talk about "knowledgeable"! Truly God has reached many through him.
2) Steve Wohlberg of White horse media. Another great speaker of God's truth, very personable and effective in driving home the main points.
3) Leo Schreven of Effective motivator and "doer" for God. Tiredless energy for His truth being spread.
4) Tom Mogambi Mose and Wilfred Ondande, Kenya SDA pastors. They are being very successful in winning many "babylon" pastors to the truth. This is great because they are converting the "leaders" who will in turn teach the people God's truth from His word!

Obviously the is just a snipet of the hard workers for God out there. So let us be clear, WE CAN make God's truth known by becoming involved from WITHIN. Let each one of us ask God how we can help and then LET US DO IT ! Seek His will and happiness will fill your soul. Amen.