Thursday, July 29, 2010

Let us have the kindness and courtesy of Christ, even on the internet

By: Rob Peralta

Our Lord showed much kindness and courtesy while He walked this earth, to be an example for us. Just look at His extreme courtesy and thoughtfulness when, after rising from death, He thoughtfully FOLDED His own burial cloth. His awareness of others was indeed inspiring.

With the advent of the internet, we have many who proclaim His word and truth, which is a great thing. It's helping to fulfill the 3 Angel's message. Amen! But are we also showing thoughtfulness and courtesy in our "proclaiming"? I have noticed some are not.

Paul states in (Gal 6:10) "As we therefore have opportunity, let us do good to all, ESPECIALLY to those who are in the faith". We should strive to be as supportive as possible to our brethren and sisters in the faith. But I've noticed many times that people ignore comments or questions in regards to their post. We should NEVER ignore the questions or compliments to our proclaiming message. How do you think Jesus was to those who inquired of Him? Can we imagine our Lord turning away from a question or kind word? Absolutely not. For we are called to "serve" not "ignore".

The people, even the less knowledgable or ignorant have their "two cents" to add to our message or blog. Does it make them feel a part of our message to ignore them? They may get discouraged and feel they cannot contribute so we in effect lessen their faith. Jesus said in ( Matt 25:40) "...verily I say to you, in as much as ye have done to the least of the brethren, ye have done to me". We, as representatives of Christ, must show "Christ" like behavior and kindness.

I bring this message concerning the proper internet kindness, because our Lord is using this medium in a BIG way, as the 3 Angel's message is being proclaimed. We have taken on this responsiblity and as such, our behavior must be one of "caring" rather than "ignorance"

Let us go forth and proclaim His message, and reach out to our brothers and sisters who support us and want to be a part in what we're doing, Yours in Christ.

Ps. Thank you all, for taking the time to read Todd and my posts! It is truly our pleasure to be serving God and proclaiming His truth!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Results of doing his great Commission

By: Rob Peralta

A few weeks ago I posted on our sister site a post called "Are we DOING His great commission or the great omission?". It warms my heart to bring this story about what can happen when we go out and "do" His great commission (spread the TRUE gospel)

His name is Wilfred Ondande, a pastor from a small town called Kiisi, Kenya. Wilfred is not a man of great worldly wealth, but one thing he does have is the Holy Spirit of God in him. That is wealth beyond measure. He daily survives on meager means but continues to work for God. Not letting up on God's truth.

It is truly great to see how God works His plans and the awesome way He get's results. All the credit goes to God. I am just a regular worker, who He uses to help people see God's truth. From this Job, I do not shrink back. Perhaps it's better to put Wilfred's own words, which I just received recently, in this post.

"Dear brother Rob, to me it seems a big miracle, since it is my first mission in having direct studies with Sunday ministers, on the Sabbath question. Before I wrote you, I had really been pushed to the wall by the brethrens, and even more worse, it was at a time I was considering to begin a ministry but was really in a terrible situation. Although I was somehow working for God, I had bad feelings of despair, since I did not have the funds to start the ministry. Let alone conviction that I am worthy of the task. I was advised by a friend to seek friends through the internet. I really needed books to give to the brethrens, especially those with talks about the Seventh day sabbath. I contacted a brethren in Facebook, but he grew suspicious
, that I might be a scammer and stopped communicating with me. I then abandoned the idea of the ministry and continued our meeting with the brethren. A friend gave me the book called 'The conflict between heavens two sons. They indeed helped me alot. Finally, I contacted you, and it is then that the motivation and surety to continue with the ministry materialized. The website articles have been keeping me going that all lessons we have discussed with them (Sunday pastors), were sourced from your website. The books you sent have really moved them like nothing else on the 10 Commandments. Remember they are pastors, of revival churches. The biggest trouble is that they are keen to ensure their members are not disturbed by their new found faith, and that is that they want us to find a way to reach them before any fall out, if any. They have confessed that they had never known that the question of the Seventh day Sabbath rest was such a serious matter before God. And that they were not aware that the Sunday rest has no Biblical basis, and that they were all along in a church with no history. THEY HAVE SETTLED FOR THE SABBATH REST"

Wow! Praise God! what I love about the pure in heart is that they receive His truth quickly! For just as our Lord said (Matt 18:3) "Truly, I say to you, except unless you become converted, as little children, you shall not inherit the kingdom of God". The puffed up and believers in "man's traditions" will never see the light such as these humble people do, unless they too, become as little children, opening up to God's word and truth. Amen!

Friday, July 2, 2010

How to deal with Sunday keepers

By: Rob Peralta

This situation requires God's wisdom and grace. Perhaps this is one of the most touchy situations that we (believers in ALL the commandments) have to deal with.

On the one hand we are close to our family and friends, yet on the other we know they are not doing His Commandment. We must remember they are "Commandments" meaning we MUST do them. They are not the 10 suggestions. Clearly God's word says that the people living in the last days (which we are) are going to be saved by testifying of our Lord and KEEPING the Commandments(Rev.14:12). So what are we to do?

First, we must realize that great love is when we try to save someone from destruction. These people are heading for destruction (once they know it's a Commandment) because God makes NO exceptions. Jesus said (Matt 7:22, 23) "Many will say to me in that day, 'Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name? And cast out demons in Your name? And did many wonderful works in Your name? And then I will say unto them, I never knew you, depart from me, you that PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS." His Law cannot be changed. (Psalms 89:34) "My covenant I will not break, nor alter that which comes from my lips." The great 10 commandments came from His lips and the heart of those Commandments is the Sabbath.

I am NOT saying that ALL Sunday keepers who have ever lived will perish because if they were never shown that the Sabbath is a Commandment and they walked in the light that they "knew" then God's grace may have sufficed. But once they KNOW that the Sabbath is a Commandment of God, then accountability comes unto them. It is our responsibility to help them see that God truly cares for them and wants their obedience to His word. We MUST do this in a humble and caring way. (Hebrews 10:26) is VERY clear about this accountability. "If we sin willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there remains NO MORE SACRIFICE for our sins" Here it is clearly showing that when we know His truth (i.e. the Commandments) we must obey them.

How important is His word and the thing that came out of His mouth? Read (Psalms 138:2) "...for You have exalted Your word above Your name." So we can see the importance of obeying His word.

Once we have warned them, then we have done our part to try to save them from destruction. We care so much for them that we don't neglect this truly important duty. Yet Jesus made it clear when He said in (Matt 10:37) "he that loves his Father or Mother more than me , is not worthy of me". So to neglect our duty for the sake of our relationship with our family or friends is to put them before our duty.

After we have tried and we meet a hardened heart that will not listen it is important to realize that it is time for us to rely on prayer. The Holy Spirit must take over. If we push too much it will only harden their hearts even more against obeying His Commandment. I have heard of many stories where the family member or friend FINALLY accepted His Commandment after years of prayer from the Sabbath keeper.

Let us always continue to show the way to our family and friends, if our direct words won't persuade them, then our loving actions may. Yours in Christ.