Friday, June 17, 2011

You Go Girl!

By: Rob Peralta

For several years there has been a catchy slogan "You go girl" describing women who got their stuff together or are doing something noteworthy. Nowhere in the history of mankind, or in this case womankind, has that phrase ever been more fitting than describing one Ellen G. White. God took a very weak and frail girl and turned her into the "summation" of all the prophets. He would even the score, as before He typically used "men," but now it was time to show what a lady could do!

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. God, being the righteous and fair God, would wait till the last days of earth's history to bring out His best. His word says (2 Cor. 12:9) "...My strength is made perfect in weakness". For this young girl would go on to surpass ALL the prior Prophets in spreading God's truths. Her two best sellers "The Great Controversy" and "The Desire of Ages" stand out as two of the greatest works of all time. I can honestly say, apart from the Bible, her truths can sometimes "wear me out" lol.

One of the most fascinating things about her life was her "supernatural" abilities. Her ability to go into her visions WITHOUT BREATHING was captivating! It is well known that SEVERAL certified doctors (who were non-believers) witnessed this and each could NOT deny it! In fact, one was so amazed that he started visibly shaking and bolted for the door saying, "Get me out of here!" So we must then ask-- Could this have been from the devil? Of course not. He could never have used a "Commandment Keeper" for they would only go about spreading God's truth!

God's word was directly shown in her life (John 14:21) "He (or she) that has My Commandments and keeps them, he it is that loves Me and shall be loved by the Father, and I will love him and reveal Myself to him." Her many signs, dreams and visions all attest to this "revealing." Like I say SO MANY TIMES: Commandment keeping is THE KEY to Him revealing Himself to you. We must do as Ellen did, learn them completely and keep them in our hearts, so that our daily walk is guided by them as we ponder them in what we do and say. Ellen's walk experienced HIS LOVE AND POWER. Her life SHOWED that He is alive. Our Lord is just waiting to show us things (dreams, signs, visions) if we'll only believe and walk righteously according to His Commandments.

Her writings are so packed with truths! For example, let's look at a snippet of Ellen's work in regard to prayer. You businessmen can really relate to the this! (Christ's object lessons P.143)

"Those who bring their petitions to God, claiming His promise while they do not comply with the conditions, insult Jehovah. They bring the name of Christ as their authority for the fulfillment of the promise but they do not those things that would show faith in Christ and love for Him. Many are forfeiting the condition of acceptance with the Father. We need to examine closely the deed of trust wherewith we approach God. If we are disobedient, we bring to the Lord a note to be cashed when we have not fulfilled the condition that would make it payable to us."

As inspiring as Ellen was, we must never do what a friend of mine recently told me. She said an elder in her church got one of the brothers kicked out of church because the brother said he didn't want to put Ellen's writings before the Bible! As the old saying goes, Ellen would have turned over in her grave if she'd heard that. A Prophet or Prophetess should never be viewed as exalted above God's first and foremost word-- The Holy Scriptures.

In summary, let's thank God for giving us a truly wonderful and inspiring lady. One who was faithful and solid to the end! You GO GIRL!


  1. Amen brother, great great post! I join you in saying YOU GO GIRL about Ellen White :-)

  2. Great synopsis of an exceptional servant of our Lord. Love the concept - it is about time someone said of Ellen ---- "You go girl!"

  3. Amen Sparkling Star! I am truly more and more amazed as I read more of her inspired words, how truly blessed of God, she was. Rob

  4. Great post and true words! Thanks for sharing...

  5. Sure Kim-Lee, thank you for taking the time to read our posts---spread the word :-) Time is short and we here at oursword want to encourage and motivate people to spread God's truth, amen. Rob

  6. Rob, what an inspiring lesson "You go Girl" it's amazing how you wrote it. Totally motivating, I don't think there is another way to put it... I need to translate it to spanish for a million reasons.

    God bless you greatly, thanks Rob, Mari

  7. Thanks Mari. It was not hard to write about such a beautiful lady, who was that for sure! Rob

  8. Disrespectful the way you talk about the messenger of God.

  9. I have to agree this writer has no respect for the messenger.