Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Favorite Narration of The Desire of Ages

    If you enjoy audio books, if you'd like to get some spiritual edification while commuting to work or while lying in bed at night, may I recommend this beautiful narration of the timeless classic, "The Desire of Ages" by Ellen White.

    The Desire of Ages is perhaps the most amazing volume on the life of Jesus Christ ever written outside of the Gospels themselves.  The way this book opens up the Scriptures and shines a light on the Bible and the events surrounding the incarnation of God is astonishing.  You will know and love Jesus in a way you've perhaps never realized possible when you delve so deeply into His loving, compassionate life.

    You can listen to each chapter of the Desire of Ages easily on a computer or on your cell phone.  The narrator also reads the full Bible texts that the chapters on based on before beginning the chapters themselves, which is wonderful!

The Desire of Ages as narrated by Timothy Turner

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