Friday, November 5, 2010

Let us work WITHIN the church

By: Rob Peralta

It really is unbelievable that some former SDA members have labeled the SDA Church as part of "babylon". I can think of no other church which has for such a long time, expounded such great truths such as the Sabbath, Sanctuary,State of the dead, Commandment obedience, etc. Some are saying this church has numerous errors and therefore should be abandoned. I submit they are VERY wrong.

The very first thing we must realize is that "Church" is WHAT WE MAKE IT! Can we imagine Jesus going into church back then, and after noticing the many errors, saying "There's too many hypocrites in here, things are not being done just right, I'm outta here!" NO! Jesus continued to go into God's house of prayer and worship, despite the Pharisees and unrighteous around Him. He was a "Light" and "example" before them. So too should we be. Let us work within our churches, and not stand back and throw rocks and accuse. If we go to our Church with "pure heart" God counts this to our credit, not withstanding the sin that may surround us. For each man(or woman) will give account for "HIS" actions and motives.

The true "babylon" churches are vast indeed and SO numerous. Just look around at the doctrines being preached! "Faith" is all you need , forget about obedience! Jesus did it all, therefore you can just sit back and enjoy yourselves, be free! Your words are what counts not necessarily your actions. I could go on and on. That is where we must concentrate our reproves and loving guidance. In Revelation, God had THESE churches in mind concerning "babylon".

Look at what our new GC president is behind. They have started a mission to mail out the paperback version of the "Great Controversy" through out the country! Things are being "done", praise God. Their goal is for it to go out to 116 million homes! Like it or not, we as SDA members have a solemn duty before God to get OFF our behinds and procrastinations. To proclaim the Three Angels message before the end of probation shortly occurs.

I do not deny that we have errors within our church. For instance in my own church, I have seen MANY errors and weakness of Christ from our members. But I decided to DO something about it. I attended the recent board meeting and let the leaders know what I thought we could do to improve our church. Specifically to WIN MORE SOULS. The luke warmness within our church MUST change. Far too many are happy to "sit" on their own salvation. Our church is NOT about how we can improve or increase our comforts or "fun" activities, it's about SOUL WINNING! Jesus final command was to "GO into all the world, and proclaim the gospel to all creation" (Mark 16:15)

But thank God He has raised up some strong leaders for His truth. For example, let me mention the following outstanding workers for God WITHIN our church today.
1) Doug Batchelor of Amazing facts organization. This man is truly a powerful witness for God's truth, and talk about "knowledgeable"! Truly God has reached many through him.
2) Steve Wohlberg of White horse media. Another great speaker of God's truth, very personable and effective in driving home the main points.
3) Leo Schreven of Effective motivator and "doer" for God. Tiredless energy for His truth being spread.
4) Tom Mogambi Mose and Wilfred Ondande, Kenya SDA pastors. They are being very successful in winning many "babylon" pastors to the truth. This is great because they are converting the "leaders" who will in turn teach the people God's truth from His word!

Obviously the is just a snipet of the hard workers for God out there. So let us be clear, WE CAN make God's truth known by becoming involved from WITHIN. Let each one of us ask God how we can help and then LET US DO IT ! Seek His will and happiness will fill your soul. Amen.


  1. For our lukewarmness to change, something has to happen inside the church and the answer is in Rev 3:14-20.We need true repentance and conversion.The Gospel of righteousness by faith has power in itself to change our hearts (Rom 1:16)if we but believe it and accept it.The 'multiple works programme' will not finish God's work, but lives transformed and set on fire in selfless devotion for Christ WILL. If we but understood what Jesus has achieved for us by His life and death! Then the great commission to the world will be finished in no time.Christ longs to see His character reproduced in His church, then He will come to claim His bride. So let David's repentant prayer (Ps 193:23,24 and Ps 51)become ours individually and corporately.
    Please check out 'audioverse' website and speakers like Dennis Priebe and McNulty.Thanks

  2. Yes Svetlana, we have to become active and not passive in these last days. Too many are passive and reluctant to do their part in spreading His message. Thanks for the references and will check out site.

  3. Rob- great post!
    Svetlana- you are blessed to see things clearly :)


  4. Thank you bro. We'll see change for sure.

  5. That was another really good article! As far as I'm concerned there are no other options when it comes to what church we attend. Our church is the only one that gives biblical principals and has the right message. The church that I go to has alot of flaws, but I believe another way to change things within the church is to just set a good example in every way that we can.

  6. So true. We are to be examples. We'll never have perfection until Jesus comes, until then we can make changes by leading not tearing down. Thanks for your good imput.

  7. Svetlana, I visited the site you recommended (Audioverse) and it is excellent, a true wealth of information, thank you.

  8. Gglad to hear positive comments about our denomination and leadership.

  9. Yes Bick, let us be "doers" within the church.