Friday, March 4, 2011

Awake Laodicean Church, Be Zealous!

By: Rob Peralta

As many are aware, Revelation in chapters 2 and 3 describe the 7 church history periods. From the first apostolic churches down to our current "last days" church period. Many also believe that this last church mentioned by Jesus, called the Laodicean church, describe the current Commandment keeping churches, particularly the Seventh Day Adventist church.

Unlike the letter to the Smyrna church(second church history period), where Jesus had nothing negative to say, He starts right out very direct and stern in warnings for the Laodicean church. (Rev 3:15) " I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot, I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because you are neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth." A VERY DIRECT warning to "come alive"! Jesus has watched and observed the people of this last day church almost fall asleep! This is not good, we MUST awake and come alive and spread His Gospel now.

Let's say I was to give you a million dollars. Would you not spread the word all around how "great" I am? To your family, friends, maybe even write about it on the internet. How much more are we receiving from Christ our Lord? Yet many are "sitting" on their salvation, not willing to make any attempt to witness even in the smallest of ways. What we have from the Lord we put away, not willing to share the good news. Jesus says "Awake" NOW is the time to be zealous! Infact later in the letter to the Laodicea church, He says( Rev 3:19)"... Be Zealous therefore, and repent". So this is a direct command from our Lord---"Be Zealous". Repent because we've been asleep!

In my own church, I am not happy to say maybe 70 to 80% go through the motions. Meaning church functions and gathering is all that they do. They neglect the old neighbor next door, or "going out" and witnessing, or listening to the Holy Spirit to guide them on how they should spread His gospel and message. Preaching to the choir gains no new converts, unless we "act" upon the message being preached to us. Our Pastors should make "game plans" on how to win souls. So many times we hear sermons saying "smooth things" designed to comfort us and not alarm us. BUT WE SHOULD BE ALARMED! Jesus says we are LUKEWARM! That is bad.

In (Rev.3:17) Jesus says "Because thou sayest, I am rich and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou are wretched and miserable, and poor and blind and naked". Does this not describe our lukewarm church today? Many say "I know Him and understand His truths" yet do not make an effort to SPREAD IT. What good ( as Jesus points out) is it to "know" much and hold it within? Be zealous!

Ok, now that we understand what is happening with our people within the church as a whole, let's talk about what we CAN DO to obey Jesus' command to " Be Zealous". Here are some concrete ideas you can use within your community.

1) Many feel they are "just not good" at speaking to people about Jesus' message. Ok, then call 3abn and order their "free" flyers. They will even put your church phone number and address on them for you ( 100 to 1000). Go to your neigborhood and put on the doors, . On flyers that DON'T have your church address you can go to the Sunday churches. While they are in service place on all the the cars windows. If someone asks you, simply tell them it's an advertisement for Christian family TV ( health, prophecy, bible study, etc.) Here you can reach as many as 100 to 500 per Sunday. (3 abn 1-618-627-4651) SO MANY are coming to know God's truth through this station.

2)Contact Harvest time books ( 1-931-692-2777). You can order "Steps to Christ" by the box (about 40.00 for 140 books) and hand out to your contacts. Also you can buy the bumper stickers that says " The Seventh day is the Sabbath/God never changed it". While you're driving His message is being spread. (10 sets for 6.00) Harvestime books has SO MANY books (Ellen Whites, childrens books, etc.)

3) Spread your favorite Christian internet site. Pass out cards with their address. some examples are and . Also a very popular one is

4) Start an "operation outreach" within your church. Make a plan to "reach" people with our Lord's message. For example I started an outreach where we are raising money for our members to place a large billboard proclaiming Saturday as the Lord's day(with our phone number). It will be seen by ten's of thousands during it's two month viewing.

5) Place a small ad in your local Christian church magazine for bible study or Christian internet sites to learn the truth.

6) Order inspiring DVD's from Amazing facts (1-800-835-6906) The two fantastic ones, in my opinion, are the Lord's day (2 part set) and Final events. Get some friends together (hopefully including Sunday keepers) and watch and learn. Even loan it out when a person expresses interest to know more truth about the Lord. For the ultimate Sabbath DVD, order the 5 part DVD series called the "The 7th day" narrated by Hal Holbrook. (LLT productions It shows the history of the Sabbath and how it has been kept by Christians throughout history.

These are just a few of the ideas you can use to "get going" ON SPREADING HIS MESSAGE. Let us not be one of those who Jesus called "lukewarm" within our churchs. Lord be with you.


  1. Well said!! The sooner we all wake up and spread the Word, the sooner we can all go home!!

    Also, wanted to share another resource. If you go to their FAQ page they have info on sharing their site. They supply pens and business cards etc., upon request. They also allow some of the sermons to be burnt to cds for sharing (check their copyright info first).

    So, wake up sleepy heads & get a move on...we've got a message to spread!!


  2. Thanks Jodie, oops, you're right forgot that one. Good idea, am adding it. God continue to be with you! YOU are one that spreads His message and motivation :-)

  3. Rob...did you see that "Jesus Christ" is following this blog? LOL

    Anyway, great article and I really liked your idea about Pastors making "game plans" to win souls.


  4. Yes, well I sure hope He IS following it , and guiding my posts :-) Yeah that idea "game plans" has been on my mind to share for awhile. My own pastor is starting to be influenced in this way, praise the Lord! He pursuing my "open for business" sign to put out in our large front yard evry Sabbath. So many just drive by, not knowing we are open and worshipping on Saturday.

  5. It doesn't really say "open for business",I'm just figuratively speaking ofcourse ,lol. We're working on the correct wording for the sign.

  6. Yeah that's a really good idea! That sign might save the soul of some searching heart driving by!

  7. Thank you Rob! Thank you for your suggestions! I pray God to AWAKE us.....

  8. Amen, my brothers and sisters. Let us each do our part, small or big, and He'll be faithful to reward each acording to His works. You are welcome.

  9. Jesus is saying:'Behold - I stand at the door and knock..Could it be that our 'lukewarmness' is not the lack of 'good works' but the failure to let Jesus in?We make Him feel nauseous BECAUSE we say 'I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing and know not that we are wretched, and miserable, and poor and naked!' = this is not the lack of 'works', it looks like Jesus is talking here about our self-righteousness,we are so full of ourselves and our 'programmes' that we have put Jesus out of them.There are idols (even idols of good works)in our hearts and lives and church - they are but 'filthy rugs' He says 'buy OF ME gold tried in the fire (riches and gold=having the faith of Jesus) ...and white raiment (Christ's righteousness), that thou may be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear: (We are naked! we don't have His righteousness-we cannot manufacture it, we need to receive from Him by faith, by letting Him in - THIS IS the real issue here!)and anoint thine eyes with eye salve, that thou may see. Then He says He loves us and therefore He rebukes us! We are to be zealous THEREFORE and REPENT - that we lack all these things, while we claim we have it all! We are to buy of Him! The cost? No money no price (Isa 55:1)but - all of ourselves, why ? Because He's given us all of Himself till the very last drop.Giving ourselves to Jesus is not a hard thing to do when we are captivated with His self-giving unconditional love and realize our wretchedness, nakedness, and blindness. Christ's righteousness is what we need! Then the work of spreading the Gospel will be finished in no time - for we will be the living and walking Gospels, where self is crucified and Christ is living out His life. This is the message to the Laodecea (the people of the judgment)

  10. I beg you brothers and sisters, give heed to this, if you really long for Jesus to come soon..we are the ones who keep Him away, and hastening his return is only possible by heeding to the Testimony of the True Witness in Rev 3:14-22 and letting Jesus in:

  11. May God reveal to you His truths Svetlana, keep up the good walk

  12. For those of you who want to read a VERY insightful book on Revelation, it's called "Daniel and the Revelation" by Uriah Smith.