Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let The Women Shine (Part 3)

By: Rob Peralta

After reading God's word from Pauls writings. I believe that the main point is that women stand to gain a tremendous blessing if they follow these words. As we know it is a Commandment, and as such we can now look at Jesus' words in (Matt 5:19) "Whosoever shall break one of the least Commandments, and shall teach man so, shall be called the least in heaven, but WHOEVER shall do and teach the same (Commandments) shall be CALLED GREAT IN HEAVEN" There you have it! A specific Commandment given to the woman to show her obedience which shall turn into GREATNESS!

Do not think that women are useless in God's plan. THEY CERTAINLY ARE USEFUL! Ellen White goes to great lengths in her writings to tell how God can use women in ministry. She specifically advises "canvassing" and "personal ministering" as an excellent way to spread God's message. And in our churches there are countless ways women are a great help and most desperately needed. It is just God's order we want to follow and not trample His instructions and Commands.

In my own experience I have found women "get" my message clearly and they have really rewarded my ministry. So many times I will have studies and such with them and they understand the truth very well. It's just unfortunate our church leaders have often been weak and ignorant of God's order, and therefore they are not really aware of this completely.

Some bring up Ellen White as an example of "women pastors". But Ellen I believe was shown by God to be gifted at a very early age. Visions, dreams, and the such were given her and as such God declared to the world HE WANTED HER HEARD. So, yes, God does make exceptions sometimes and we should always be ready for God's revealing in these matters. For an excellent study on what Ellen White had to say about women in ministry see "Ellen G. White and Women in Ministry" by William Fagal ( assoc. director of the Ellen White estate)

In summary, let us always remember God's Commandments are for "our" good. Never does God do something to degrade His creatures , always to rise them up and make them SHINE!


  1. I agree completely with this article! As a women, I would rather have men as pastors and leaders within the church. I believe that the man should also be the head of his household. I recently had a fb friend come to me in an effort to bring me into a conversation where she was defending her role as an Elder in her church. Another woman was speaking out against it and she wanted me to side with her. I couldn't do it because I don't agree with it. So it can also lead to problems outside of the church. All I could do was pray over it.

  2. Thank you. Yes, sometimes it is difficult to stand up for God's word even though it is not popular. I praise God for you firmness in standing up for Him and His word, God sees this, beleive me!

  3. Rob, I really do appreciate the websites...they are really informative. Keep up the great work you are doing Rob, God bless, Sharon

  4. Thank you Sharon, it's agood thing the sites are reaching people, amen!

  5. Thanks Rob. This will be helpful for those who are still undecided on this most misunderstood biblical issue. People need to get off the fence, obey God's commandments, and take a stand for righteousness and truth! Teri

  6. Yes Teri, we must never think God's word is optional. when it comes to His Commandments, they are not "suggestions" as many believe. Amen to what you've said!