Friday, March 26, 2010

More Sunday Laws

Hungary Joins European Union Campaign for "Work-Free" Sunday

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From the North American Religious Liberty Association:

"The Republic of the Marshall Islands is considering the passage of Bill No. 66 which if passed will be known as "the Sunday Observance Act, 2010." The Act labels "Sunday to keep holy."

"No person shall engage in trading, practice profession or conduct commercial undertaking" on Sunday - but there are exceptions. It would allow hotels, restaurants, airport and its shops, and seaports to be open without restriction. "Mom-and-pop" shops that cater "purposely for sale of food" can be open from 12 noon to 8pm Sunday.

Individual violators face a fine up to $200 or up to three months in jail; corporations face fines up to $1,000.

Rob Erich, a High School Social Studies Teacher at the Delap Seventh-day Adventist School in Majuro, notes that there is a general feeling in the community that "the nation has been growing too secular and a Christian nation should encourage church attendance.""

From the Marshall Island Journal:

"Will we be going down route 66? Majuro senators Vice Speaker Alik Alik and Wilfred Kendall want to ban most business activity on Sundays to keep that day “holy.” Bill 66 calls for observing “the Lord’s Day, commonly called Sunday” and to “prohibit engagement of commercial activities on Sunday.”"

It's Adding Up

Croatia, a push from Hungary and the Marshall Islands. And these are just the issues from recent headlines. Also, let's not forget the new Pope Benedict's strong urging of Sunday laws and the fact that here in the United States there are many Sunday laws still in effect which aren't being enforced...yet.

The trend toward enforcing Sunday worship by law is very apparent. But I wonder how many of us are truly being watchful?


  1. "The trend toward enforcing Sunday worship by law is very apparent. But I wonder how many of us are truly being watchful?"

    Very sadly I believe the majority of SDA are asleep including our leaders. In fact, I'm beginning to think some of them do not believe prophecy at all and are believing fables instead. Such a sad situation but, it was prophesied.

    Yes, the dragon of Revelation 13 is stirring and soon it will show it's fangs.


  2. Yes, it is coming. But I think first we shall see more devastating world disasters. Then the world will be looking to "God" , and not necessarily the God of Isreal. That's when the papacy's influence along with America's protestant influence, step up the "Sunday" worship. At first a request then a "law". But we who know about it beforehand can speak and warn others to be "on watch". Even so, come Lord quickly! Rob

  3. Pete, I know you're right about the "leaders" of the church. But God bless them, I hope they wake up to the urgency of the situation.

    Rob, you are totally right about the order of events...which must mean that, since we see all these Sunday pushes, some major catastrophes are coming soon. There has certainly been a marked increase in the frequency and intensity of major earthquakes around the world...also all the worry about swine flu, bird flu, bacterias resistant to our most powerful antibiotics, aids, etc etc etc...and of course all the nations rising against nations on a global scale.