Thursday, May 6, 2010

Don't Wait 1,000 Years to Bow the Knee

"A little here, a little there...and the entire church crumbles.

The unconverted within our ranks (the vast majority of Adventists, according to EGW) continue to chip away at the pillars of faith upon which God has established His end-time church...and who can say how many precious souls will be lost because of it.

Someday, over a thousand years in the future, even the knees of those who most vehemently (or subtly) opposed the truth will finally bow to God and admit that all His judgments are indeed true and just.

How sad that it will then be too late. Please, let's humble ourselves and submit to Christ as Lord while there is still time...let us leave behind our vain reasonings and worldly logic.

Much love."


  1. Todd, I am saddened to listen freguently to stations such as CSN sprout such false biblical truths. Yet they expound it like God is himself speaking their words. Such travesty. I also wonder the vast souls believing such things and then SPREADING the falsehoods they hear. Like scripture says the teacher will be judged more strictly. Let's pray for all those in the "churches" who lead MANY astray.

  2. Yes Todd, there is a ever growing apostasy and a trend to be more like the world, I would say across a great many SDA's. I've heard and witnessed this in every church I visit. They seem to do the right thing in church but their words and actions say otherwise. EGW did say the majority of SDA's would be lost, for one, they have the truth but they do not share it or even take it very seriously. A common word among them to everything the Lord commands like the Sabbath is, "oh your being legalistic", especially among the younger generation.

    Then, there are those SDA's who think the teachings and unchangeble ways of the Lord, needs to be "modernized" and made more "progressive". One of their worst offenses is, the Sabbath day is open to interpretation. A ballgame is fine, so is taking in a movie on the Sabbath. Once they get home from church, a change of clothes and off to visit secular friends, getting in the last minute shopping, or catch that TV program.

    This apostasy and idea to be progressive has even invaded our leadership on every level. Seems they must conform to the world's standards in everything otherwise they may be looked upon as strange or a nonconformist, a "loss of face".

    EW mentions a time is coming when we will have to meet in small like minded groups. BUT the church will not fall even though it may appear so.

    Yes, by the end of the 1000 years, it will be far, far too late. The only thing they will see is their unrepentant sins pass by them and why they were not accepted into heaven.

    We must walk with Jesus today in all His ways, to be a true friend of Jesus. Otherwise, we may not hear our Friend when He calls in that morning.

  3. Nicely put, it seems like more and more the people are driving themselves to pleasant truth and not PRESENT TRUTH!

  4. Pete - that's exactly what I believe too. Well said.


  5. One of the biggest problems with the Seventh-day Church is that the people within the Church keep looking at other people and their problems and faults and not taking care of their own relationship with God. A lack of faith, a lack of trust, a lack of belief that God will see His Church through causes many to crumble and fall away from the SDA Church that God Himself brought about, not man but God Himself.

    The day the people of God realise that it is not about others including the leadership in the SDA Church but that it is about their very own personal relationship with God then shall the Church that God has brought up to spread the message for these last days shall see such a revival that Gods Church shall be filled to over flowing and those who are unconverted and cannot stand on the TRUTH shall be sifted out and then those who are in the Church shall have been tried by God Himself and shall come forth as Gold. Just as Job 23:10 says But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.

  6. True, but as with all things we must have a balanced view. Yes, Christ said we should focus on removing the plank from our own eye...and why? Jesus said so that we would see clearly to remove the speck from our brothers eye.

    We must not forget our obligation to help our brothers and sisters in Christ...for this is taught throughout the Bible. Time and time again we see the church admonishes by the apostles. To look only after ourselves is selfishness.

    More importantly, the main issue is that there are those in the church TEACHING error. This must be counteracted with truth.