Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Sabbath

By: Rob Peralta

This is a special Sabbath. Let us enjoy family and friends, yet keeping in mind our Lord through out this day. Let each one reflect on all the Lord has done for us through out this year. Take special time to "talk" with Him and to thank Him for coming to our planet to redeem us!

Let us renew our faith and trust in Him as we approach the new year. Let us ask ourselves " Am I walking upright in the Lord? Do I have unrepented sins I am still holding onto?" For just as Ellens says, we are to be spotless, forsaking our selfish sins. As we do this our life opens up and His voice becomers clearer. We can then know His will for us clearly.

God has created us for His own and we must yield all selfishness in order to become a true image of God. The devil will try to "knock us down" but looking to our Lord and calling upon His word will help us to remain firm.

While it may be true that this day, December 25, may not be our Lord's birthday, nevertheless we can tell of Him and use this day to witness the good things He has done. God judges our heart ( 1Sam 16:7) so for those who approach this day "looking" to our Lord and giving Him praise, it can be a very good day to the Lord.

May you have a blessed Christmas and Sabbath, remembering His love and mercy for you. Amen


  1. Dear brethren,i take pleasure in your occasional advice always believing that the Lord through such friends and brethren in the faith will strengthen and enrich me in the faith,and indeed it is successfully working.Recently, i even thanked a friend who introduced me to the face book,where i came to know you.You have been a great source of encouragement in the faith such that i have no words to express.Greetings from the youths of a church from Tanzania who sent greetings to all my6 friends and relatives.I have been to Tanzanie for one week with brother Tom mose.Brother keep on that way.

  2. Thank you Wilfred. I have prayed for your success in Tanzania, to reach the souls there.I will, with God's help continue to write as I am inspired and am so glad to hear these encouages you, stay firm in the Lord, Rob