Saturday, August 30, 2014

David Asscherick VS Stephen Bohr and Daniel Mesa on Women's Ordination in the Adventist Church

 Daniel Mesa's Response:

 Lightbearer's Video:


  1. jesus was married and ministered with his wife, which makes sense since jesus was a jew and rabbis are not given a congregation or allowed to lead until they are married.

    a man and a woman create a balanced energetic signature. a church that allows only men to minister is suppressing the balanced evolution of its congregants.

    this is not spam. check this out if the spirit moves you: the magdalen manuscript

    in a good way....

  2. There is no proof that Jesus was married. Yours is a weak argument. Celibacy was rejected by later Judaism, but whether it was widely rejected in Jesus’ time is not clear. At least some of the Essenes of Qumran—of Dead Sea Scrolls fame—practiced celibacy. Old Testament prophets such as Jeremiah were celibate. John the Baptist appears to have been celibate. Furthermore, some Jews of Jesus’ day thought Moses had lived as a celibate after his encounter with God on Mount Sinai. We have no reason, then, to rule out a celibate Jesus based on a supposed universal practice of Judaism.

    Furthermore, Jesus talks about those who are radically committed to serving the kingdom of God—those who are "eunuchs" for the kingdom of God (Mt 19:12). Since Jesus saw the kingdom as embodied in his ministry and his actions, it makes the most sense to see Jesus himself as the quintessential "eunuch for the sake of the kingdom."

    Regarding the particular claim that Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ wife, no extant document written within 150 years of Jesus’ death depicts or even implies such a relationship. Some might argue that Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ lover rather than his wife. But surely someone during Jesus’ lifetime would have to have known this in order for us to know it today. If so, we should be able to find evidence of this in the gospel accounts written by Jesus’ enemies, where other accusations against Jesus are clearly recorded. But Mary Magdalene is nowhere called his lover. Furthermore, if such a claim were widely known in the early Church, there would be a body of polemics in the canonical Gospels against those making the charge. If it were true, why would the evangelists have even mentioned Mary Magdalene and risked giving credence to the very idea the Gospels supposedly want to suppress?

    So quit the telling of lies sister.

  3. I used to have respect for Light Bearers, but no longer will have anything to do with them. Their logic is childish and does not hold up under Bible scrutiny. They will lead many astray. They, like the 250 men of renown in the days of Moses who sided with those who would change the leadership of the church, will suffer their just punishment. The 250 princes of the people were swallowed up by the earth along with the 3 main opponents of Moses. I am now starting to understand how even the very elect can be deceived.

  4. Like and support what you said, however, please redo blog wearing an appropriate shirt. I looked up the logo on your t-shirt and you need to represent God in all manner of clothing. Clothing i= character

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