Tuesday, January 20, 2009

27 Bible Studies

I just finished posting the first 14 Bible studies in a set of 27 on a new blog I made specifically for the purpose of posting these Bible studies. Check them out at 27Biblestudies.blogspot.com!

The quizzes at the bottom of each study are pretty fun, too.

Lately I've been downloading as many sermons onto my new ipod as possible. Mostly from Dr. Derek Morris, one of my favorite preachers. He does this whole course called the "Life and Teachings of Jesus". Very interesting information I have never heard before...awesome things about the history of the Jewish nation just before Christ was born, the different sects (like the Pharisees, Sadducees, Zealots, etc.), the monetary systems, the different personalities of the disciples (very funny at times), etc. Probably the most comprehensive and well-balanced study on the Life and Teachings of Jesus I have ever come across. What a tremendous blessing! I eagerly anticipate each new lecture as it's downloaded.

I'd HIGHLY recommend either watching or listening to the series for free at the Forest Lake Church website! If you have high-speed, I'd encourage you to actually watch the lectures, because some of his visual aids (such as ones pertaining to traditional Jewish garb) are pretty funny too.

Above all, keep studying God's Word and letting me know what you've found!

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