Saturday, December 6, 2008

All-Star Lineup (Awesome Preachers)

Last night I put together a quick list of the 5 preachers that I am especially blessed by at this point in my life. Keep in mind that there are tons more great preachers out there, and that different styles suit different people. That being said, here's the list:

Stephen Bohr - One word to describe this preacher: Deep. This man delves deeper into the scriptures than anyone I think I've ever heard! He connects dots that you didn't even realize were dots! And the picture of truth that he paints with God's word is so insightful that you can't help but be amazed.

Randy Skeete - One word to describe this preacher: Powerful! This man preaches with a passion that moves. He grabs hold of your spirit and forcefully turns it toward heaven. I've only seen this guy a few times, but he knocked it out of the park every time. Couldn't find a website.

Dennis Priebe - This man speaks about a subject that is immeasurably important to believers in the last days...these days. The subject? Righteousness by Faith. We can overcome. We shall overcome.

Jim Hohnberger - One word to describe this preacher: Practical. He cuts through all theological arguments and speaks directly to the heart. Really focuses on walking with God daily, letting Him guide you throughout your day. Very focused on learning to listen to God's Spirit as He speaks to you. This man doesn't just talk the Christian talk, he walks the Christian walk.

Walter Pearson, Jr. - One word to describe this preacher: Hilarious! He gives such funny insights into Biblical stories that you will be saying "Amen!" whenever you catch your breath from laughing. The way he acts out the characters in these Bible stories for his sermon is unrivaled by anyone I've seen. He makes Bible characters come to life. If you feel a need to smile as God must smile, watch a couple of this guy's sermons. You'll be doubly blessed if you watch his sermons, as opposed to just listening, because part of his greatness is his body language and facial expressions.


  1. You have an interesting list here though I don't know several of these. If you are really hungry for more I can give you some recommendations that have really changed my life and continue to.

  2. Yes please do! I am addicted to good preaching and would love to find some new messages to bring me closer to Christ.

    If you have never heard a message from Jim Hohnberger, may I suggest visiting

    where you can listen to 5 of his sermons. I highly recommend them. If you do, let me know what you think.

    There are a few more preachers that I love dearly as well, but was determined to keep my list to 5. But I also love Doug Batchelor, Lyle Albrecht, Leo Schreven (the first Adventist I ever heard), Steve Wohlberg, Jac Colon and David Asscherick.

    Now that I think about it, I enjoy almost every Adventist preacher I've ever heard! A non-Adventist favorite of mine is Bruce Marchiano, the guy who played Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. That guy has a gift for expressing the love of God.

  3. Thanks for posting these links. I just watched the available sermon by Bohr on his website Secrets Unsealed.

    Have you ever come across more of his sermons available online? I know he has audio sermons but I am not an auditory learner and find it incredibly difficult to concentrate when only audio is available. :)

  4. You're very welcome! Youtube has many meSsages from pastor Bohr as well as others I love. God bless :-)

  5. Matt Chandler is an amazing preacher that is so in tune with the word of God. You should check him out at you will be amazed!

  6. I would like to recommend Dr Walter Veith, former atheist, evolutionist, and Catholic now a Seventh-day Adventist. His sermons/lectures are on three angels messages, mark of the beast, onslaught of the Jesuits etc... You can have access to his videos for free on YouTube.

    Would like to also recommend Dr C D Brooks-- my favorite sermons are about the Sabbath and "Capricious Grace"--also on YouTube.

    Kenneth Cox on Bible Prophesies--also on YouTube!

    Enjoy and God Bless!