Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ellen White to Adventists

In a statement that should surely be a reproof to those Adventists out there who can quote Ellen White statements as a reason for their various beliefs, but have a difficult time recalling the Bible texts which prove their doctrine, she spoke these wonderful words:

"Lay Sister White right to one side: lay her to one side. Don't you ever quote my words again as long as you live, until you can obey the Bible. When you take the Bible and make that your food, and your meat, and your drink, and you make that the elements of your character, when you can do that you will know better how to receive some counsel from God. But here is the Word, the precious Word, exalted before you today. And don't you give a rap any more what 'Sister White Said' —'Sister White said this,' and 'Sister White said that,' and 'Sister White said the other thing'. But say, 'Thus saith the Lord God of Israel.' " - EGW


  1. Unfortunately she didn't practice what she preached.
    If she did she would never have plagiarized her work.

    You are loved in Christ

  2. That doesn't make any sense.

    What does "plagiarism" have to do with her saying not to quote her books until you know the Bible forward and backward?

    The attitude you have toward Ellen White seems, to me, to be judgemental and condemning. She was a normal human being and wasn't perfect. Thank God for His grace and forgiveness, since none of us are perfect.

    My God is a God of love and forgiveness, not hate and condemning.

  3. Ellen White's rampant plagiarism is bad enough in itself, but she firmly denied having ever done so. She claimed to only quote from angels in her books and articles, and then she would supposedly put the angelic quotes in quotation marks. This fact goes to the heart of her integrity. She repeatedly prefaced the work of others with the phrase "I was shown" to give the reader the impression that the entire statement came directly from the throne of God. All in all, she repeatedly took uninspired writings (from "false shepherds") and made them somehow into inspired writings. Remember, she even plagiarized the quote that "we are not be merely reflectors of other men's thoughts."

    Dennis Fischer

  4. May I suggest that Ellen may not always be at fault.

    Recently I have been realizing it is more likely my 'attitude' that misconstrues what has been offered through my 'legal' lenses (legal in the sense of rules and regulations without a real, heart relationship with God)and thus be used by the spiritual enemy of my soul to get me to 'condemn' others rather than receive God's love in my own soul because God first loved me so very much.

    Thanks for the quote. It gives much to 'digest'.

  5. Dennis, I would be interested to know where she claimed to never using anyone else's writing. That would be of real concern to me.

    Bringer of Peace, I agree wholeheartedly. Seems like we do absolutely everything wrong if we don't start from a foundation of love for God and man.

    As Christ said, "without Me, ye can do nothing."