Saturday, March 7, 2009

Excerpts from "Empowered Living" by Jim Hohnberger

"Today's Christian often longs for true communion with God as was seen in Bible times. People often lament, 'Things were easier back then when God spoke to people and told them what to do.' Well, friend, that type of intimate involvement with God is available to all. He is just as willing to talk to you and to me as He was to David or Paul. The continuous interchange between God and man is the heart of saving grace and living faith. This is the gospel experience that saves us. It's not our doctrine or our beliefs but a continual communion between the soul and God. It is reaching out over the gulf that separates us and crossing over from a self-directed life to a new and better, Spirit-directed way of living. It is only in realizing our powerlessness and in stepping out in faith to cooperate in the strength of heaven that we wrest ourselves from the bonds of sin and selfishness that have so long held us captive." - p.56

"Every morning as I rise, the first and foremost piece of business I must attend to is the surrendering of myself to the present will of God for my life. This means that I must choose of my own volition to give to another - that is God - control of every aspect of my life. What do I mean by that? I mean surrender of every choice, every thought, and every emotion to the control of God. Then this surrender must be maintained through the influence of God's Spirit upon my mind throughout the day." - p.31

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