Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Sabbath and Revelation

These are some thoughts I scribbled down yesterday...tell me what you think.

Why isn't the Sabbath specifically mentioned in the book of Revelation?

Some people make a big deal out of this fact. Consider this: If the Sabbath was mentioned in Revelation, Satan would use a different issue to deceive the world.

Even IF the Sabbath wasn't the main issue in the last days, the Bible is still crystal clear that Christians should be obedient in its observance.

Of all the main issues God could have pointed to without specifically mentioning by name, He couldn't have chosen a simpler and more easily understood issue.

The issue has to do with choosing God instead of the beast, right? So that narrows it down to commandments 1-4. Let's look at the options.

What if the first commandment was the issue. How ambiguous and vague can the logic of people make that commandment? What does it really mean to have other gods before God? One could easily confuse the issue.

What about the second commandment? What about idols? Any image of anything? What about pictures? Only if we bow down and serve? What does it mean to serve?

What about the third commandment? Take God's name in vain? His literal name, or any reference to "God"? What does "in vain" mean? Can we take the name of "Christian" in vain?

But the fourth commandment, the Sabbath...simple. Keep it holy! Work six days but don't work on the Sabbath.

Thank God that the issue Satan uses in the last days to try to deceive the entire world, is so simple if we're honest with ourselves.

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