Friday, April 2, 2010

If We'd Only Let Go (Sunday in Scripture)

But The Radio Preacher Said So!

The other day as I was driving to work listening to a radio preacher who was saying something like, "Now there are those people who say that if you go to church on Sunday, that's the beast's day. Have you ever heard these people? Now that's not right and we have the church meeting on Sunday in the Scripture." And on he went with his thoughts, believing the matter settled.

Not so in my mind. I began to think to myself how saddening it is that someone can take something that they've heard all their life or something that they've heard some preacher say and take that position as Bible truth without checking it out for themselves.

The First Day of the Week in Scripture

Yes...there are mentions of Christians gathered together on the first day of the week in the Bible (The Bible doesn't say "Sunday" but "first day of the week"). In fact, there are eight passages in which the first day of the week is mentioned in the New Testament, and I'm familiar with every single one (and you should be too, whether you follow God's Ten Commandments or whether you worship on Sunday). If you look at all of the texts, two things become very apparent: None of the instances were in any way alluding to a new commandment that Christians should worship on Sunday, and none of the instances were Jesus saying anything about Sunday.

Take a minute to go read all the verses which mention the first day of the week (Matt 28:1, Mark 16:2, Mark 16:9, Luke 24:1, John 20:1, John 20:19, Acts 20:7 and 1 Cor 16:2), and you'll find the truth becomes clear: those who disregard God's 4th Commandment and choose to worship on Sunday have absolutely zero biblical support for their actions.

The Scenario

This made me think of a hypothetical scenario: If there were a man who had somehow grown to adulthood without ever hearing anything at all about the Bible or Jesus or Christianity, and someone gave this man a Bible and said, "Read, for this is the Word of God" and he believed those words and read the Bible front to back and received no input from anyone...what would he believe?

One thing is for certain: the idea of worshipping God on Sunday rather than Saturday, the seventh-day Sabbath, would never have even crossed his mind as a possibility. Why? Because the Bible simply doesn't teach it!

What else would he believe? Go read your Bible and figure it out! ;-)

The Conclusion

Friends, we can have that type of pure, authentic, unadulterated and undiluted view of God's Holy Word...if we'd only let go of the traditions of men that pervade every corner of Christendom and resolve that for every doctrine we hold we must have a plain "Thus saith the LORD" from the Bible!


  1. Amen Todd! In fact it is plainly revealed to ALL who choose to read and open their hearts to GOD'S WORD! I, too, listen to a certain Christian station (105.5 fm CSN international) run by a guy named Mike Kestler. A pastor who is leading MANY astray. I called in and tried to explain about God's holy day (the Sabbath) and he cut me off and got kinda mad. They are frim in their false doctrines but you and i know the Angel's message is going out right now and his false teachings will be more and more exposed!They love to quote Paul's writing as reasons why we don't have the Sabbath anymore. Ignoring the fact that there is MUCH evidence for Sabbath keeping in his writings! Enjoy your Easter. Rob

  2. That's the same one I listen too a lot! It is just crazy how much they will say, "X, Y and Z are going to happen at the end times." but then they NEVER give any SCRIPTURE that shows anything of the sort.

  3. Yes, it is a real case of the people of Babylon firmly entrenced. Google Mike Kestler, it's amazing he's had sexual harrassment lawsuits and stuff. And HE'S head guy there (?)

  4. Way to weigh the evidence, T.R.! God bless you and keep up the good work!