Saturday, April 17, 2010

William Miller Studied

William Miller studied the Bible for 13 years before ever preaching his first message. Of those, 5 long years were spent studying the time prophecy found in the book of Daniel, attempting to discover if there was any error in his interpretation.

He said that during those 5 years, he thought of every argument that his critics would later use against him, and found satisfactory answers for all of them. Remarkably, he stated that he had thought of many more arguments that no one had ever brought up!

Brothers and sisters, can we learn from the experience of William Miller? Oh I truly believe so. Before we accept, and certainly before we teach, any new doctrine, we would do well to spend not hours, days or even months studying them...but perhaps years conducting a prayer-filled, exhaustive study of them in God's Word, the Bible.

Even with established doctrines we should strive earnestly to be well grounded in the Bible texts which relate to proving the doctrine beyond a shadow of a doubt, and also to be grounded in all the Bible texts which one could possibly present that would provide an argument against the doctrine.

It is in this way that we will become firmly established in the teachings of Scripture, as well as becoming well able to defend the teachings of Scripture with the Scripture itself and not our own logic.

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  1. Again, words of wisdom. Yes, we should always study to make absolutely certain things are true. I believe great masses will be fooled because they took the word of their priest or pastor for granted to be truth. Deceptions are getting so subtle today, we can't be too careful. It's also well worth studying opposing material to cover all angles. (knowing your enemy) When the evil one comes as an angel of light, he will be very successful because people never made sure what is true and false.