Friday, April 9, 2010

A Plea to a Spectrum of Adventists

A reply posted in response to an article carrying on about trivial matters!

"This issue is taking valuable focus away from God's true work of reformation of character and soul-winning!

We will give account for every misspent hour of bickering over this nonsense!

As if it even matters what the "majority are feeling at the local level"...the majority has never been a sign of truth. In fact, the opposite is nearly always true.

Israel was always plagued with unbelievers and wicked men, and so it is to this very day. God's people of today are likewise infested with worldliness, pride and arrogance...defying the plain 'Thus saith the LORD's we are given in Scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy! Instead we rely on our own wisdom and reasonings and sense of what is "right" and "true" and "just" in the culture in which we find ourselves. But this also is nonsense! We have, to a VERY large degree been found standing in stark opposition to the God of heaven and we will be held accountable...the judgment is coming, and quickly...and when it arrives it will not matter how eloquent our speeches or how sincere our hearts.

Repent now and turn from your wicked ways! For why will you die??


  1. Well said Todd and your exactly right, they are taking valuable time away from doing God's vital work. They are partaking in time consuming nonsense that will only drive people away and confuse, as according to the plan of Satan and he IS delighted.

    Isn't it strange how all the arguments of the false Adventists, the apostates, have error mixed with truth, very much like the technique of their god, the evil one.

    Of course they ridicule and try to make of no effect the writings of Ellen White, for without her work, Satan will have a much easier time to take even more to perdition. No, Ellen White was God's tool to show the remnant exactly how to navigate, survive, and stand in the last days. Who else can have so much accurate knowledge of things to come?

    Yes, the great shaking is under way and that time when the very elect can be fooled is upon us. I pray daily, these tools of Satan will see their great error before it's too late and they willingly accept the mark of the beast.

    Much harder times will soon come to the remnant church and its truth, even if your one in ten thousand, stand for truth til the end.


  2. Thanks for your words of encouragement, brother. I am reprimanding myself as much as them because I know I've wasted too many minutes, hours and days debating and considering things which aren't crucial and which God does not intend for me to spend time on.

    That is a very keen observation about how apostates, like their master, use truth mixed with error. Because of that it is sometimes difficult to discern their rebellion because their errors are well concealed behind a veil of morality...sure equality is a good thing and God is no respecter of persons, yet does that truly mean that there is no difference between men and women, or that God doesn't call specific people for specific purposes?

    Amen brother, the fact that God blessed us with a prophet in these last days is something to be praised and held in high esteem, but they try to pull down the Spirit of Prophecy to the level of any human writer, as if her works weren't inspired by God!

    I believe you are right and that the shaking is very near...I believe this because I can see two very distict groups forming within our church. One group of those who want to truly consecrate their lives for Christ and devote all their efforts to doing His will, and one group who want to join hands with the sinful world and say "everything continues as it has from the beginning."

    Again, thank you for your encouragement!

  3. Right on guys! The rela difference is true obedince versus verbal obedience. The scripture "Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and do NOT the things I say" When I listen to the babylon preachers I am "almost" deceived into thinking they are righteous men speaking God's words until they sprout out " be ready people for the rapture and God taking us out of this world and leaving the lost to continue their worldly living" Another scripture " They draw close to me with their lips but their heart is far from me" Stand firm and obey Him and His holy Laws and we will be redeemed. Rob

  4. Same here, much of what they say is truth that it can be easy to let our guard down and be vulnerable to accepting that mustard seed of error that will eventually grow into a great tree of rebellion!

  5. Yes, I was listening to Kestler(Csn) and gang a while ago. He was introducing his guest speaker and said, "what's new and tell us the latest" Then the guest "Pastor" said " ya da ya da..we'll be going to my son's football game tonight (Friday evening -Sabbath) and playing so and so." Just totally oblivious to God's Holy Law! Then Kestler joins in laughing "oh, that'll be great fun" Amazing. Rob